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Letter from the Trenches

This World War 1 song, was written after living in France and visiting Villers-Bretonneux. It looks at the experience of a soldier, who fought in France and reflects on a letter sent home.

The town was liberated from the German army in April 1918 by the Australian forces. In gratitude for the Aussies, the villagers renamed their main street Rue de Melbourne and their school, which was rebuilt after the war with the  help of donations from Victoria, was named after that state.

In the classrooms and the playground, French children grow up with the exhortation N’oubliez jamais l'Australie … NEVER Forget Australia!

Years afterwards, when the Victorian Bushfires destroyed many lives and villagers, the children of this French Town raised $20,000 dollars to send to Victoria to help in the rebuilding.

This song reflects on the experience of a soldier who saw so many die and perhaps questioned the line “dulce et decorum est …pro patria mori”, yet in returning sees the respect and regard held for his dead mates.

This legacy of honour and sacrifice created an enduring relationship over a period of 100 years. In this he sees 'a something real', not just an ideal for which they fought.


Mt Kembla Mine Disaster

Mt Kembla Mine Disaster - Jessica Grainger
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In 1902, 96 men and boys were killed. In total 120 children lost their fathers.

This tragedy, combined with the Bulli Mine disaster in 1887 that killed 81 people, stand to this day as the biggest and worst industrial disasters in Australia.

This song looks at the loss and pain that struck a small mining community.

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A Dog's Love and Loss 

I lived with my German Shepherd Cody in the French Alps in 2015 and after he died I wrote the song A Dog's Love and Loss and made this video tribute to my faithful companion.